Burn the body fat, smile at your new shape.

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

My aim is to help people fall in love with the process of working out, make women strong and witness their body do something they never thought they were capable of. Our bodies, women in particular, are incredible machines and I’d like to help women see this so that they can have an active, healthy, and long life doing extraordinary things.

In terms of my outlook as fitness trainer and helping you make a change; I want you to enjoy everything you're doing and with confidence – that’s initially why I hated gyms. If you’re unsure on how to use a particular piece of equipment you feel out of your comfort zone, awkward and in turn makes you not want to go/train or workout.

With workouts online its at home, you know your weights and there’s no bouncing around the room like a lunatic. Just controlled, counted, repetitions. With the added bonus of being able to hold each other accountable if we/they don’t make that sign in. I don't believe on spending a fortune on personal trainers, I can give you just enough motivation and the end of a phone. So one session a week for a 1-2-1 fitness session is more than enough as long as you're sticking to the live session with me and eating the right meals.

Me as a trainer: I'M extremely fond of a New Zealand sauvignon blanc and I’m not particularly strict with my diet. I live by the theory ‘The more I train the more I can eat and drink” This might not be correct theory for a PT. But a lot of them are nerds with no social life. So nuts to em, no one has ever started a good night out with a leaf salad and a sparkling water.

That said, I care about nutrition and love training and I’m writing this now because its my passion. As long as we can work losely around a calories deficit. Body fat will reduce, muscles will start to show and confidence will grow.

Theres no point to life if we can’t enjoy it. x

#bodyconfidence #losebodyfat #enjoylife

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