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Updated: Jun 15, 2020

With the current global situation of the convo-19 pandemic. Gyms shut as well as child care facilities. Online workouts have never been so important. Watching a pre recorded workout is great, as long as you have the motivation and some previous workout experience. It would be dangerous and inefficient if you're following the moves incorrectly.

This is why live online workouts have some major benefits.

At home, no worries or what you look like, no need for childcare, difficult to be late, and in the comfort of your own home with your own shower facilities straight after.

But most importantly, the exercises can be tailored to you, demonstrated, repeated and I can observed your form throughout the whole workout.

I can offer, Personal training with regular live online workouts - face to face workouts - bespoke training programs and body assessments.

And if you're enjoying the workouts online and want to take the next step. We can start looking at goals and what you want to achieve longterm. Whether it be fat loss, fitness, strength or just being active on a higher scale. I’m still learning, but I now have the relevant tools and information to take the first steps in personal fitness and to create the right program for you.

The steps will include ;

What you what to achieve,

Why you want to achieve them,

What could stop you achieving them,

Realistic goal setting

And sustainability

Creating a bespoke programme tailored to you and your life.

For weight loss and muscle gain I'll take measurements and give you guidelines including your personal Basel metabolic rate (how many calories your body burn naturally, daily) You’re not required to do your measurements but this may serve as a motivator for you. And I emphasise from the start, that I don’t want your focus to be about the weight on the scales therefore, inch measurements and body fat % testing will allow us to take away the focus from this and create a much larger picture for the progress you are making. Measurements will only be taken on our first session and 6 weeks later. I strongly advise to take photos before and after – this is one of the best ways of comparison. If you are going to take photos, try and do it in shorts and a sports bra and in a light room (not one with down shadow/lighting). Pictures should be taken side on, front on, and back facing. These should then be repeated in 6 weeks time in exactly the same conditions.

With your personal program we will continuously record reps, weights and monitor your vastly growing fitness and endurance. Adapting when need be.

Different goals will require aspects of your life to change, and with all the information I get from you, we should be able to work something out together. It's important to start with realistic goals that are perfectly achievable so, you keep positive, motivated and over time these small goals will turn into something great. All I need from you is your full participation. And in return will give you all the coaching and guidance I can to give you the desired results.

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