Mum friendly workouts, no baby sitters required.

All mums deserve the right to exercise, feel good about their bodies. And have the confidence to wear anything.

One of the most stressful things I find as a mum is finding ‘me’ time. And ‘me’ time isn’t a luxury Spa, a massage or even a nail appointment. It’s a gym session. Not even a long one just a session to make me feel more like me.

Kids are dicks I’m sorry they are. They want, need, plea for something 24/7. That’s right ( if your unfortunate/ fortune to not have kids) Even at early hours of the morning you could be subjected to a wake up call because they’ve thrown up, dropped a teddy or that wet the bed. You’re hands on 24/7. During day light hours you’d wish you’d not encouraged them at that cute 6 month age to say “ mum, mum, mum” because fuck me once they’ve nailed it, that’s all you’ll hear.

Anyway I’ve diverted from my point. I’d like to note I love my child more that life its self. However going to the gym was/is still one of my lives pleasures. A full hour to use up all that built up tension ( hearing mum 237 times before leaving the house) frustration ( husband asks where the car keys are when they were in his pocket the whole time) All the anxieties of life ( do I have enough money to buy a food shop this week), depression ( Recent events has lost me my main source of income and a job I adored)

The list goes on. We all feel all of these things for a variety of reasons and no ones is more or less important than the others.

And as mums ( I’m sorry this is generalising ) it’s up to us to find the time in between being a mum to workout. Us mums, we are people too and deserve the right to look good in a gym shark 2 piece. Next to that girl who has no kids, went to Starbucks for breakfast, shopped till midday and will probably go home for a nap after the gym.

Gyms with crèches tend to be expensive. Like reeeally expensive. What I’m trying to explain to you is that I feel your pain. If you are nodding along to this, then this is why I created Krystle fitness. I want you to be able to work out. I've tried to plan my zoom classes at time’s that can work for you. At times where your kids will probably still be sleeping or eating breakfast or, the evenings classes will be at dinners time and so eating away leaving you work out hassle free.

Other option are, we arrange a live home workout, a one to one sessions that can work around preschool, school, nursery and work times. The option for a face to face workout is still an option outside or at a local gym. I will create a bespoke training program just for you.

Working out is a basic necessity So mums don’t worry, I want to tell you I understand and I've got you on this!

If your child starts screaming halfway though a zoom session it’s fine. Tend to your child, you’ll be on mute and will have nothing to be embarrassed about. If it’s a one to one, we can stop, you can sort he/ she out or reschedule. I can sympathise with you. I really do get it. And I genuinely want to help.

Just message me and let’s get this done together. And you’ll be ordering that 2 piece gym shark before you know it . 😉

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