Basic Nutrition. Part of my Personalised full body assessment and KFIT services

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Part of my Personalised full body assessment and KFIT services, will include a weekly food planner (if desired). I will take you BMR and calculate your daily Macros and create a plan of how much protein, Carbohydrates and fats you should be consuming daily. Together we can discuss what foods you like and dislike and depending on what you're hoping to achieve. Construct the perfect food planner to help you create your ideal body shape. Thus ensuring its a planner you can enjoy, and stick to.

My philosophy is all about BALANCED nutrition and living a healthy active lifestyle which is why I do not believe in fad diets or things you can do for a few weeks. The key is to make subtly healthy changes slowly.

To ultimately lose weight it is important to be in a calorie deficit to burn the body fat, however counting calories too rigorously can lead to unhealthy eating habits. For example ‘saving’ you're calories to binge on unhealthy snacks. Or becoming too obsessed and feel a sense of guilt or disappointment if you go out for dinner or have had a heavy drinking session. If you want to eat a piece of chocolate do it but don’t give up because you’ve had it. Continue the rest of the day/ following day making good healthy decisions. Exercise and feel better about yourself. As long as you are in a small calorie deficit over the week you will make progress.

The quality of the food you consume and its process to how it gets on to your plate is important. Diet food, low fat will not help you long term. They contain chemicals and in most cases more sugars than you think. (Sugar isn’t fat) Reduction in processed food is vital in the process for getting your idea body inside and out. Did you know that high fatty food also contribute to cellulite.

We have so many great healthy food options now that taste good. Chocolate bars that only contain 3 ingredients. All natural and still taste great and have healthy benefits!

For the areas of nutrition you feel perhaps are missing. A small amount of research in to most vegetables will show you, many contain equally or sometimes more amounts of protein or calcium you’re missing from not eating meat and dairy. Resulting in not even needing to rely on supplements.

Top tips to successful heating habits

  1. No more bathroom scales! No one can see that little number apart from you! But do you know what people can see? Your shape, that smile on your face when you can fit in to that dress. And your ability to run, play football with your kids.

  2. Stop obsessing with counting calories. A calorie deficit is important to losing the weight. But if you are honest with yourself. If you sit around all day not doing a single workout consuming high processed foods, that isn’t it! Eat healthy and exercise more. It really is that simple.

  3. Drink water! Thirsty? drink water. Hungry? Drink water. Bored? drink water. Want a snack? Drink water. If it's not time to eat, try to fill yourself on water first. It's not just going to stop the weight gain, your skin will thank you for it too.

  4. Prepare meals by making a food plan, construct a food shop list that you stick to and try and batch cook meals. Being busy with no prepared healthy meals leads to snacking. If you have stuck to your shopping list and only have healthy items in the house or that require cooking, things are going get worse your now hangery

  5. Goal setting and believing you can do it. Write down what you’re going to achieve and how you can do it. See and believe you can. No ones going to do this for you. Unfortunately body fat comes on quick than it disappears. Be patient but train hard. Stick to your goals. Read them regularly. Don’t compare yourself to anyone. You’ve got this!

BREAKFAST Smoothie. Whey protein powder vanilla or strawberry with frozen or fresh strawberries and banana, chia seeds, splash of oat milk and water.

SNACK Eggs and avocado

LUNCH 24g of lean protein, handful of veggies and fist size of complex carbs

SNACK Carrot sticks with homemade guacamole

DINNER 24g of lean protein, handful of veggies and fist size of complex carbs

SNACK Apples or a handful of berries

*Complex cards are a carbs in their natural state.

Oats, Yams (almost same as sweet potatoes) Brown rice (I love basmati, a long grain rice) Sweet potatoes, Butternut squash,White potatoes with skin, 100% whole wheat bread, 100% whole wheat pasta, Beans and lentils (great for healthy chilli recipes) Quinoa, Couscous, and Pumpkin.

Steamed or baked is best for all veggies. Refrain from using anyoil if you do, coconut oil it one of the healthiest and lower calorie options.

Your body is important. Treat it right. Be confident in your own skin. Eat well, drink water, exercise and smile.

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